MetroVac OBSSSSD Series Master Blaster Revolution with 30 Foot Hose

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MetroVac OBSSSSD Series Master Blaster Revolution with 30 Foot Hose

MetroVac Master Blaster Dryer is a high-power dryer for cars, trucks and motorcycles. After washing your car, use the Master Blaster to quickly blast water off the car.

The OBSSSSD Series MetroVac products are recognizable by the bright red OBSSSSD/MetroVac decal. An exclusive only on OBSSSSD/MetroVac Labeled equipment, you receive an extra one year warranty on the main blower/vacuum unit at no extra cost to you.

The air drying power you've counted on for nearly 15 years has evolved!

  • The new Revolution™ product maintains the unparalleled performance of Metro's Air Force Blaster Family
  • New 30' long Flexible Commercial-Strength Hose
  • New front swivel wheels increase mobility so you can effortlessly move the dryer around your vehicle
  • Includes space-saving Wall Mount Bracket and Hose Hanger for convenient garage storage

    Why dry vehicles with MetroVac Master Blaster?

    Power. Speed. Safety. Efficiency.

    Get all the water off the car quickly, without touching the paint. Use the powerful stream of air to push water out of gaps, seals, and other trouble spots where accumulated water would otherwise dribble and drip for hours or days.

    The Master Blaster features two twin fan 4.0 HP motors (a total of 8 peak horsepower) and delivers up to 58,500 feet per minute of clean, filtered, warm air to quickly dry your car or truck.

    You can set the airflow and temperature at 3 different levels using two switches on the Master Blaster Dryer.

    Use the motors independently or both simultaneously for maximum power. Includes five different nozzles so you can position airflow where desired and eliminate water spots.

    Features of the Master Blaster air dryer:

    • Touchless, fast drying with no after-streaking
    • Warm, filtered air safely blasts water off your car's finish
    • Dries water in hard-to-reach cracks and joints places where towels and chamois can not reach
    • Does not remove wax
    • Cuts drying time by up to 75%
    • Prevents rust and eliminates water spots
    • Better/safer than compressed air or leaf blowers
    • Rugged all-steel construction built to last
    • Dual twin fan motors generating 4.0 peak horsepower (a total of 8 peak horsepower)

    Master Blaster Revolution includes:

    • Master Blaster air dryer on wheels with 12 foot power cord
    • 30-foot heavy-duty hose
    • 5 piece attachment kit
    • Wall mount bracket and hose hanger

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