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OBSSSSD Metal Sealant 16oz

Unprotected chrome and stainless steel exhaust tips are susceptible to pitting, corrosion, and irreparable carbon buildup.

OBSSSSD™ Metal Seal protects exhaust tips from corrosion and carbon buildup damage.

We recommend applying OBSSSSD Metal Seal after every maintenance wash. This is the best way to preserve and protect your metal surfaces from road salts, detergents, and oxidization to keep them looking their best.

  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't gum up the towel
  • Buffs off easily with minimal pressure
  • Protects metal and makes it easy to keep clean

OBSSSSD Metal Seal is easy to use, it gives metal a deep, wet-looking shine, and it delivers long-lasting protection.

Can be used on coated or uncoated metal surfaces such as metal wheels, exhaust tips, fuel tanks, unpainted aluminum, stainless steel, and chrome trim.

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Make sure the surface is cool, clean, and dry.
  3. Apply a small dime-sized amount of product to a clean, dry foam applicator and rub thoroughly onto the surface to create a thin film.
  4. Allow 15 minutes or more for the sealant to dry to a haze. This allows proper bonding to occur.
  5. Use a dry microfiber tower to buff the residue.
  6. Finished surface should be bright, clear, and silky to the touch.

476ml / 16oz

Avoid contact with plastic, vinyl and rubber as staining may occur. If contact occurs, remove the product immediately using a damp microfiber towel. Do not use in direct sunlight.

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