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OBSSSSD Ceramic Spray Detailer 16oz

OBSSSSD™ Ceramic SiO2 Spray Detailer is perfect for vehicle owners who need a quick, easy way to get glossy, hydrophobic protection onto their cars.

OBSSSSD's ultra-high performance ceramic spray-on detailer/sealant works perfectly on both ceramic-coated cars and unprotected daily-driven vehicles. 

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Spray on and wipe off
  • No special care needed
  • Doesn't leave unsightly streaks
  • Great hydrophobic water-beading protection
  • Beautiful gloss
  • Fantastic durability for months

Quick application, exceptional ease of use, and a slick hydrophobic finish. Simply spray on, buff off, and enjoy the long-lasting hydrophobic ceramic protection.

OBSSSSD Ceramic Spray Detailer creates a deep gloss on paintwork, high-sheen plastics, and glass. Formulated under strict requirements, OBSSSSD Ceramic SiO2 Spray Detailer works as a standalone gloss and protection product, or as a topper to provide extra longevity and gloss with existing sealants, ceramic coatings, and waxes.

Accessories: OBSSSSD Microfiber Detailing Towel / OBSSSSD Microfiber Detailing Towels 6 Pack


  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Wash the vehicle.
  3. Lightly mist over a clean 2’ by 2’ area.
  4. Wipe the area with a clean, soft buffing towel.
  5. Turn towel to expose a clean side frequently.
  6. For best performance, allow 6 hours for the product to cure.

476ml / 16oz

Do not use in direct sunlight. Do not use to clean heavy soiled areas.

16oz spray bottle | 1 gallon container available

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