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OBSSSSD Paint Clean

OBSSSSD™ Paint Clean Pre-Wax Cleanser is an ultra-fine pre-wax cleaner and polish perfect treatment for any paintwork that is about to receive a high-grade wax, sealant, or nano-coating. OBSSSSD Paint Clean has been engineered for the regular care and enhancement of paintwork in perfect or near-perfect condition.

  • Enhance the gloss and depth of shine of your wax, sealant, or coating finish product.
  • Use OBSSSSD Paint Clean prior to applying a last-step finishing product.
  • Remove fine swirl marks, light oxidation, road grime, bugs, paint transfers, carbon build-up, and marring from all types of paint finish.
  • Safe to use on paint protection film, metal, matte-painted wheels, and glass surfaces.

This product is eco-friendly, bio-degradable, and VOC compliant.


Apply by hand with a microfiber applicator or with a dual-action polishing tool. Follow immediately with your favorite sealant or wax. Do not use in direct sunlight.


  1. Apply by machine or with a hand applicator.
  2. Work evenly into paint, one panel at a time, until only a fine film remains.
  3. Remove polish residue with a polishing towel.
  4. After polishing, wax using your favorite carnauba wax or sealant.

3.79L / 1 gallon

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