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OBSSSSD Tire Matte

OBSSSSD™ Tire Matte gives your rubber tires a deep, matte black finish.

OBSSSSD Tire Dressing Applicator 2in
OBSSSSD Tire Dressing Applicator 3in

OBSSSSD Tire Matte Finish is a tire dressing emulsion consisting of hydrating agents and preservatives.


  • Gives the tire a nice, uniform, matte look. Does not add gloss.
  • You only need to use a thin coat, meaning that a little bit goes a long way.
  • Soaks into your tires quickly, meaning that it will not fling off the tire onto your vehicle.
  • Replaces moisture lost from the rubber compound.
  • Protects the surface from the discoloration and cracking caused by ultraviolet radiation.
  • Does not attract dust, meaning that it will go longer before the tires need to be cleaned and re-coated.
  • Great for dressing plastic wheel well liners and textured plastic trim.
  • Eco-friendly, biodegradable, and VOC compliant.


    1. Spray a small amount of OBSSSSD Tire Matte to an applicator or brush.
    2. Evenly apply OBSSSSD Tire Matte across the surface of the tire.
    3. Allow product to soak into tire or remove any excess product with a microfiber cloth.

    For ideal results, only use OBSSSSD Tire Matte Finish on freshly cleaned rubber.

    476ml / 16oz

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