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OBSSSSD Wheel Cleaner

OBSSSSD™ Wheel Cleaner Gel is a spray wheel cleaner formulated to gently and safely clean soiled wheels and rims. OBSSSSD Wheel Cleaner is safe for use on all alloy wheels, including clear-coated, factory painted, chrome, polished, and anodized finishes.

OBSSSSD Wheel Cleaner is also a safe maintenance wash for wheels that have wheel wax, sealant or coatings on them. OBSSSSD Wheel Cleaner can also be used to clean the tires.

This product is eco-friendly, bio-degradable, and VOC compliant.

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  1. Ensure the wheel is cool to the touch. Do not use OBSSSSD Wheel Cleaner in direct sunlight.
  2. Spray cool water to rinse loose dirt from the wheel.
  3. Spray OBSSSSD Wheel Cleaner onto the entire wheel, including the barrel and the spokes, and allow 2 - 5 minutes for product to react. Do not allow product to dry onto the wheel.
  4. Lightly agitate OBSSSSD Wheel Cleaner with soft brushes to help loosen soil and brake dust.
  5. Rinse the wheel with cool water before drying.

OBSSSSD Wheel Cleaner features include:

  • Great wheel cleaner for delicate rims like those with matte finishes.
  • Safe to use on vehicles equipped with carbon ceramic brake rotors.
  • Safe to use on rims with wheel waxes, sealants, or coatings.
  • Pleasantly scented, no harsh odors.
  • Will not cause your brake rotors to rust immediately like colour-changing iron removing wheel cleaners can do.
  • Also works great to clean the tire before applying a tire dressing.
  • Easily removes carbon build up on exhaust tips, while still safe for use on all metals and finishes.

476ml / 16oz spray bottle

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